Welcome to CPW SERVICE We are Commercial pressure washing specialists specifically geared towards the needs of commercial property owners. CPW began as the commercial property division of Cyclone Pressure Washing and has grown to become the Greater Cincinnati area’s first 100% EPA compliant mobile exterior cleaning company. What if....there was a company that could clean your property better, at a lower cost and do it in an environmentally friendly manner and eliminate any risk of fines? There is..... The Clean Water Act (CWA) enforced by the EPA prohibits any wash water reaching a storm water drain. The inability to comply and the risk of fines has led to many commercial and public property managers to choose to do nothing, allowing their property to become increasingly dirty. Some choose to risk heavy fines and have their property cleaned without water reclamation. Neither is a solution......CPW is Each of our cleaning rigs are equiped with reclaim and filtering equipment. Wash water runs through an oil water separator and then through a series of filters down to 5 microns and is transferred to the clean water tank for reuse. Final wash water is cleaned and filtered and disposed of according to EPA requirements. Our cleaning rigs can actually reclaim 4 times the amount of water we can produce from our pressure washers. How does our compliance effect your costs?  Non compliance is really not an option, however, we actually have found that the reclaim costs are offset by the increase in speed. Time saved in water supply, rinsing time and disposal mean that complying with the CWA adds zero costs to your bill. Why clean at all?  Because clean = money, Studies have shown that people make a judgment call based on the appearance of a store. An unclean exterior sends a message that customers react to. Potential renters prefer well maintained properties. (more...) Contract cleaning to fit your needs and budget Weekly Monthly Quarterly Bi-Annual Annual 513-258-5392 info@cpwservice.com   A mop won’t work and you don’t have the right detergents and equipment but your boss still wants it clean....       ©2006-2010  CPW  All Rights Reserved       Site designed by BNR Fast Food Residential Customers Click Here Opinion Research Corporation  National Association of Convenience Stores Gas Stations Affordable Our service trucks and pressure washing trailers are on routes all over the Cincinnati and Dayton area. Because we are servicing property all over the metropolitan area we can offer the small franchise and single property Owners the same rate as the 100 location franchise. Each property added to our routes reduces travel time between locations making each crew more productive. Less driving means more cleaning. We pass this savings on to our customers, everyone wins! That covers everything but cleaning it better and the only way to find out is to give us a try!! FREE DEMONSTRATION
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