513-258-5392 info@cpwservice.com       CPWSERVICE All Rights Reserved       Site designed by BNR CPW Service began offering services to the Greater Cincinnati area in 2010. Although we are a new company we are no stranger to the power washing industry. CPW Service traces it’s beginning back to 2006 when Cyclone Pressure Washing began offering it’s services to the Cincinnati area. In those early years our services were generally limited to residential customers. The problem Cyclone faced servicing commercial property was threefold regulation, compliance and conscience. Regulation: You cannot allow the wash water to reach the waters of the United States. Compliance: You must have the equipment to collect, pre-treat and properly dispose of the wash water. While the methods vary, there is a cost in both equipment and labor. Conscience: Anyone that has cleaned an oil soaked piece of concrete will understand, you simply cannot allow that filthy water to drain into a storm drain. Our commercial services back then were limited to property that was friendly to compliance. The wash water drained to landscaping or an on site containment well. In some cases we were able to divert the flow and pump it to a tank or sanitary access. Compliance made it cost prohibitive for our commercial customers. Wash water collected from surface cleaning can contain contaminants like detergents, oils, dirt, heavy metals, solvents or other chemicals  The problem is....the Clean Water Act (CWA) has a gaping hole in its regulation. The contaminants on commercial property like automotive fluids build up and slowly leech off the concrete into the storm drains. You must follow the regulations if you pressure wash your property or face fines but the costs to do so are prohibitive. The EPA regulations and fines regarding your compliance with the CWA in essence create a situation where you are punished if you attempt to stop polluting. CPW Service is our solution to your problem. Our service trucks have custom built recovery and filtration systems on-board that allow us to clean your commercial property with zero risk to you and do it at an affordable cost and in many cases, less than your currently paying. Our equipment not only exceeds requirements, we can recover and filter 6 times the waste water that we can generate. Our filtration system has oil/water separation and can screen particles down to 5 microns, this is about .00004 inches. For Size comparison, a human red blood cell is about 5 microns across. A human hair is about 75 microns across We can pressure wash commercial property in the most restrictive counties in the US. Our filtration system can run closed loop meaning we can reuse the same water which allows us to service locations with supply issues. We can provide a demonstration on your property or water sample tests upon request. Older methods of compliance were cumbersome, inefficient and costly. the waste water from even a moderately dirty property is incredibly dirty
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